Life Clinic

Internal Anti-aging Treatments

Anti-aging medicine is the rapidly-evolving science of slowing down the aging process. It involves going to the root causes of aging, and addressing it at this level.

It may involve reducing free radicals and toxins that damage our cells, maximizing our nutrition and anti-oxidants to protect us, strengthening our organs with specific supplements or optimising our hormones which decline with age.

Each person is different, and by working with specialised overseas laboratories, we are able to determine both the extent of aging of the cells, and the causes of it. This highly detailed analysis allows us to tailor-make your treatment program to your individual needs.

The ultimate aim of our Internal anti-aging program is to stop any further damage to the body before it is too late.

Our typical internal anti-aging program may include the following steps:

EvaluationDetailed Evaluation

Hormone testsAnti-aging testing

Nutrition supplementsMicronutrient & Hormone optimisation

Well beingMonitoring & follow-up

  • Regular follow up to monitor progress