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Epidemic of Skin Melanoma amongst indoor workers

Rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has been rising for at least the last three decades, and this increase has been largely blamed on the exposure to (UV) light from the sun.


Warning over global cancer levels

brain tumor

The number of new cancer cases has increased by 20% in under a decade and now stands at 12 million a year, according to the World Cancer Research Fund. It warns that nearly a quarter of those cases are "preventable".


World 'failing to treat high cholesterol'

Most people around the globe with high cholesterol are not getting the treatment they need, claims the largest ever study of 147m people.


Children at risk of getting rickets

We are all aware of the dangers of too much sun, especially for children. But has the safe sun message inadvertently created vitamin D deficiencies, resulting in a resurgence in rickets?