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LifeClinic Open Day on 15th Jun, Come and join us!

We have moved and would love you to celebrate with us!
At LifeClinic we are constantly striving to improve our clients experience with us and to help us do that we have recently relocated to a beautiful new clinic occupying 3 floors on Wellington street in Central.


Burn fat or tighten loose skin with NO stress

Have trouble losing those few extra pounds, or hate those saggy areas on your face and neck?

Venus Legacy may be the answer for you.

Check out our latest body firming treatment:


Venus Legacy is a non-invasive, pain-less treatment used to tone and firm the body, neck and face.  It uses a combination of heat and electromagnetic waves to improve blood flow, stimulate collagen, and where necessary, reduce fat.

It is FDA approved to reduce facial wrinkles and lines, improve circulation and reduce cellulite.

It can also help: 

  • Tighten loose skin
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Contour the body
  • Firm the neck
  • Reduce facial lines 
It is entirely pain-free, has no down-time, and although it is deeply relaxing, it is also surprisingly effective. 

** NOW available at the Life Clinic **

SPECIAL TRIAL PRICE:  $2,000*(Per A4 size area of face, neck or body)

Normal Price  $3,600

Call 2881 8131 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book you FREE Aesthetic consultation or speak to our Aesthetic consultant, Joey, about this limited offer.

* Offer valid until 30 April 2018


Optimizing ageing with Nutrition, Hormonal Control and Exercise Science

How can you control the number one hormone related to ageing?What two hormones do you need to reduce to protect you from cancer and heart disease?How do muscles protect us from ageing, and how do they stimulate our hormones?Join us for a FREE seminar with Joint Dynamics and learn how to hack your hormones!

Seminar Date: October 16th 2018, Tuesday 7:00pm


FREE tips to stop Cancer Now! & In the Future

Join us for an informative evening and learn how to prevent and heal cancer by a functional medicine approach!

Seminar Date: October 4th 2018, Thursday 6:00pm - 8:30pm


Life Clinic Seminars

The next seminar series will resume soon. Please stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you soon! If you would like to receive updates on our upcoming seminars, please send an e-mail to our Customer Care Officer and we will add your e-mail to our invitation list, thank you.