Life Clinic

Our Philosophy

The Life Clinic is one of the first health and vitality centres to integrate preventative anti-aging services in to mainstream medical care.

We tackle aging using three leading fields of medicine to help Reduce, Repair and Rebuild the body to youthful levels.

anti-aging, aesthetic and regenerative medicine

  • REDUCE inner aging:
    We use advances in Internal Anti-aging medicine to slow down the rate of aging, by dealing with it at it's root causes.  It may involve nutritional and lifestyle assessments, supplement support, hormone balancing or detoxification of heavy metals and environmental chemicals.
  • REPAIR external signs of aging:
    We use External Aesthetic medicine to help repair the damage done to the skin and body through years of sun, smoking, pollutants or unbalanced lifestyles.  For those looking for quicker solutions, we offer Cosmetic surgery.
  • REBUILD damaged cells:
    One of the most cutting-edge fields of medicine is Regenerative medicine, which uses growth factors from sources like placenta, one's own platelets and stem cells, to stimulate growth and repair damaged tissue. Although still in it's infancy, there are safe and effective treatments available today to regenerate the skin and lost hair.

"Our vision is that one day, all clinics will integrate preventative anti-aging treatments in their daily practice so that more people in their middle to late years can live happier, healthier, more beautiful lives."

We aim to be one of the pioneering clinics of this new kind of practice for others to follow and emulate.